What is Remarketing? (The Start Marketing Podcast Episode #18 – Show Notes)

Joe Sanders and Johnny Meier discuss remarketing in this week’s episode of The Start Marketing Podcast.

Remarketing Defined

Remarketing is a way to display targeted content to users who have previously visited your website. Remarketing is available for use on many digital marketing platforms but is most prominent for use with Facebook Ads Manager, and Google AdWords. When used in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies such as SEO, digital video marketing, and social media marketing, remarketing can be a very powerful marketing tool.

How to Setup

Remarketing begins by putting code from a digital marketing platform onto your website. These codes are usually displayed as a Facebook Pixel, or use through Google Tag Manager. Once the code is placed on your website, either by you or a web developer, you can then create “events” that trigger on a digital marketing platform when certain actions are taken.

Marketing Example

For example, a toy store in Naperville, Illinois may want to run ads on Facebook and Google for a new video game. When they do, they receive lots of clicks from users. Using remarketing, the toy store then configures a new set of ads to show to users who clicked their ads and went to their website (or landing page), but did not purchase the toy. These ads are different from the original ads and offer a $10 gift card with the purchase of the video game from the Naperville toy store.

When to use Remarketing

Remarketing works well for almost any business. As many businesses are already using digital marketing channels like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc., incorporating remarketing into the current digital marketing plan makes sense. However, we find that e-commerce businesses that sell products online via their website tend to do the best with remarketing ads. The reason is that users have a direct, digital marketing call-to-action that can be easily triggered and completed. For other businesses not offering the sale of a product or service online, the sales cycle can take longer, and thus the remarketing efforts may not be as efficient, or as easy to measure. https://www.inc.com/larry-kim/5-proven-ways-remarketing-will-make-your-business-successful-first-90-days.html


Remarketing is a great tool to have in your digital marketing toolbox. When synced up with your social media sites, as well as Google, it can help to drive revenue and drive awareness. For more information on this please check out my book “Stop Posting! Start Marketing!”