The Value of SEO to Your Business

It may come as a surprise to some, but SEO is not dead! People often forget that Google’s search algorithms are always updating and with every change what used to work no longer does. This has always been the case and will continue to be one of the trends in SEO. Google is known for releasing small search algorithm changes nearly every day, and for many who don’t pay attention, this can cause confusion as they wonder whether their SEO strategy is still working.

The top black hat SEO strategies of years past have dropped in rank in recent months. The underlying reasons for their popularity in the first place, of course, have not changed. So the question is now whether or not they are worth investing some time and effort into using them when we know that Google may penalize sites using these strategies going forward.

SEO is far from dead. It has just morphed into a discipline which is nearly unrecognizable from its origins. With all of the updates from Google and other search engines trying to provide better search results for their browsers, it can be disheartening to learn that a part of SEO isn’t a best practice anymore, and so you have to redo your efforts.

So the question becomes – is there still any real value in applying SEO to your online presence? You bet there is! In fact, SEO services have never even been close to dying as many people like to speculate. As long as there are people searching online for content, buying goods and services, hosting websites, etc., then you better believe that keyword optimization will help your business rank better in search results! Here are a three things to understand if you truly want an answer that question completely:

1 – Google and other search engines still encourage SEO

Years ago when Google was being developed, the primary idea behind the software was to present users with the most pertinent information based on their search queries. Naturally this would be in the form of websites that were optimized for ranking highly in a large variety of search engines like Google so they could get ranked higher than any other websites which weren’t updated with the latest and greatest information.

Sometimes it can be hard to make sure people are doing what is necessary to promote their business online without interfering with others’ efforts but Google is still adamant about having users apply SEO guidelines before leaving anything up for public viewing because just about anyone can write poor quality content and spam links which not only affect their own rankings but those of others as well.

If Google loves an online marketing technique like SEO, then you know that all Internet marketers should listen and take them up on their recommendation. Out of Google’s many suggestions, we feel the most valuable are those that have remained unchanged over time: keywords used often in content and website structure are pretty much invaluable even all these years later (and let’s not forget human relevance too)!

2 – Search is more popular than ever

We here it all the time, “Just Google it,” or “Hey Google.”  People search for products and services on the internet everyday even more than before. The online world has made it much more convenient for people to do so! If you want your business to be successful in today’s advanced times, you have to market yourself – at least online. This is the reason why having an online presence may be something every business needs. In many cases, this includes getting on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter or Youtube plus other blogging sites. Even more important is having a well constructed and optimized website that answers user’s questions the best when it comes to the product or service they are Googling.

If your company is not rated prominently online already, it might need a bit of help from SEO experts like Relevant Elephant to actually make your life easier! The key factor in ensuring that your business is visible online lies with SEO. It’s our job to get your business on top of search engine results so you can be easily found by potential customers.

3 – Your competitors are already doing it

It’s now becoming more common for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, to understand the importance of New Media/Online Marketing. The main reason behind this is that most consumers are getting their information online. Because internet marketing does cost less for many small and medium size businesses than traditional marketing, it has become one of the best ways to build a brand name for your business on a global scale. Having said that, SEO is only one aspect of integrated online marketing. Other effective methods include pay-per-click advertising (Google AdWords), buying web space (subdomains and web portals) and engaging in social media sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…In short, if you’re serious about growing your business into an international brand or local market leader; you need to take New Media seriously!

A recent report published by ABC News revealed that a majority of major corporations have made efforts to invest in SEO as part of their online marketing strategy. This means companies are placing more value on their ability to create opportunities online, so as to establish and boost their brand presence. Furthermore, according to Webmaster World, optimizing SEO represents one of the most cost-effective ways for brands to generate more revenue through the internet – even going so far as showing decreases in business costs related to traditional marketing techniques like PPC and other online advertising methodologies. So if your competitors are taking SEO seriously enough to market via search engine results pages (SERPs), you can be sure they’re reaping the benefits!

Adapt or die – an inexorable imperative

Just like anything in business, search engine optimization may seem tough in the beginning, but it’s important to remember that since search engines change standards constantly, so will business strategies related to them. The true value of properly executed SEO strategies is nothing in comparison to other means of marketing online, but unlike other marketing methods its price tag is more affordable. So now the question isn’t whether or not your website needs a little boost; it’s how much of a boost you’re willing to give it!

Search Engine Optimization has changed in recent years as the search engines themselves are adapting to changing consumer trends. You might have thought the focus of SEO was to simply get high rankings on Google, but it’s now about creating genuine online awareness that branches out to other social media platforms and other highly ranked websites. To see how and to what extent SEO can help your business, give us a call for discussion and evaluation of your current marketing strategies.