Lighting Company Marketing Case Study:
Accents Lighting Company

Making a major impact using social media marketing! 

From Zero to Hero Social Media

After spending years of purchasing “shared leads” from popular online conglomerate sites, Accents Lighting turned to Relevant Elephant for lighting company marketing. Since then, they have seen a 500% increase in their Instagram followers, and are averaging 3 new “non-shared” leads per week!

No More Sharing Leads

Accents Lighting was fed up with the leads they were getting from Angie’s List, and Houzz. The majority of leads they would receive were sent to multiple other exterior lighting companies, and they would have to lower their prices in order to convert leads into sales. 

Relevant Elephant was able to generate leads for Accents by creating lead forms on social media via Facebook and Instagram, and delivering quality lead to the company that were only for them. This providing Accents Lighting with the leads they did not have to share or fight for, and ones that they could close without having to offer a discount. 

Accents Lighting – A Winning Social Media Strategy

Relevant Elephant’s team of copywriters, content managers, photographers and videographers were able to drive results using the various tools, platforms and strategies. Lighting Company Marketing Execution! 

Increasing Social Media Platforms

21% increase in Facebook Followers and 594% increase in Instagram Followers, year over year

Consistent Reach & Engagement

Reaching 12,000 – 15,000 people in our target demographic every month, with an average engagement of 24%

Finding the Right Audience

Using advanced targeting tools within Facebook and Instagram, we were able to pinpoint a quality audience for Accents Lighting, which now produces predictable results.

Lead Forms that Convert

At the beginning of the campaigns, we were bringing in lots of leads, but few conversions. After optimizing the lead forms over time, were able to produce a campaign that consistently produces quality leads that convert.

Original Content

By creating original content for America’s Backyard, and tracking the results, we were able to produce timely, custom content which drives sales and promotes the brand.

New Photo's and Videos

Our team goes onsite and collects new photo and video content on a consistent basis.

Stop Posting. Start Marketing.

By creating and executing a digital marketing strategy for Accents Lighting, Relevant Elephant was able to achieve a high ROI, all the while building their brand and driving engagement to their social media platforms. 

"After working with Relevant Elephant for just a few weeks, we were blown away by the results. We've already referred them to other companies we work with"

– Jane Hannah – Accents Lighting

Stop Posting.
Start Marketing.

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