Why Aren’t You Posting on Google My Business?

They say that nothing in life is free, but they’re wrong. Google My Business is a 100% free service that allows businesses to share information with customers searching for them on Google, and improve search rankings. All it takes is a little effort (and I mean very little).

Odds are that most of you are posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn a few times a week or so. Do yourself a favor and add Google My Business to your repertoire. If you haven’t already, click over to Google My Business and claim your business. First, make sure your business information is accurate and up to date. Next, go ahead and make your first post.

A post on Google My Business is much like any other social media post, but these appear on Google. Why is this important? Because when “customers are searching for you”, they are more likely to find you on Google, and now you’ll be able to provide information to them before they even leave the search page. (see below)

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The other benefit of posting on Google My Business is that it helps to improve your SEO scores by creating new content that is searchable on Google. “Call to Action” links are also nice as your posts can enable customers to call you, visit your website, or message you directly.

Posting on Google My Business is easy, free and maybe even a little fun. If you or your business is using digital marketing I want to implore you to jump on Google My Business and add it to your weekly routine.

Take Care,
Joe Sanders
Relevant Elephant