Are You Searching For Them or Are They Searching For You? Facebook Ads vs Google Ads (The Start Marketing Podcast episode #10 – Show Notes)

This week’s episode of The Start Marketing Podcast is all about search. When running social media advertising campaigns, you have a few big decisions to make. The first is to decide which marketing platform you want to use. For most people, this begins with deciding between Facebook ads vs Google ads. Both are effective, but each works completely differently.

What are the Major Differences?

There is one major difference to understand when choosing between running Facebooks ads vs Google ads. To understand this, decide between if your customers are searching for you, or if you are searching for them. This is a very important aspect to understand.

Facebook Ads – You are Searching for Them

On Facebook, you typically determine an audience based on their geographic information, behaviors, and interests. There is probably not a ton of people out there searching for a Chicago Cubs Ice Cream Bar. But, if you create an audience of people who like the Chicago Cubs, like Ice Cream, and live in the Chicagoland area – you may be able to sell quite a few. This is the process of searching for users.

Google Ads – They are Searching for You

Google is where people go to find things. It may be hard to determine the correct audience for a garage door repair company, but Google provides the right outlet. Someone looking for this service is more likely to search for it on Google than anything else. That is the major difference between Facebook ads vs Google ads.

Can You Use Both?

You of course don’t always have to choose between using Facebook ads vs Google ads. You can simply use both. Just understand that for some companies, Facebook and other social media platforms will be a branding tool more than anything else. Google will always be the major search engine, but you may need to get creative in how you are found. Brainstorming search terms related to your product or service can help.

Which to Choose – Facebook or Google?

While it is always best to use both platforms, this is not always an option. Remember that Facebook ads work best when it is something people want, but don’t necessarily need. Google works best for products people need, and want. But, when comparing Facebook ads vs Google ads, Google works much better for products and services users need.

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