Social Media Lead Generation (The Start Marketing Podcast #19 – Show Notes)

Social Media Lead Generation

In this week’s episode of The Start Marketing Podcast. Joe Sanders and Jillian Kernats discuss social media lead generation. A great way to show a positive ROI in digital marketing is to run a social media lead generation campaign. Strong Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are a great way to capture potential customer information. This information is be customized to fit your business’s needs. The benefit of collecting a unique lead from social media is not being shared with anyone else.

How To Get Leads

Start by creating a social media marketing campaign. Do this using the 5 step marketing strategy found in “Stop Posting! Start Marketing!”. Next, complete a lead form that allows the user to provide some information about themselves. Some of this information is going to be auto-generated, while some are user-generated.

Auto-Generated Information is information pulled from the user’s social media profile. This is typically going to be your name, email address, phone number, and zip code. User-Generated information questions you ask the user to fill out manually. This relates to your specific product or service. Take advantage of the ability to ask the right question, which will result is the right customer!

The Art of the Lead Form

Here is where you can filter out quality leads from tire kickers. Ask too many questions on your lead form will result in far too many leads. Ask the right amount of questions will result in someone willing to fill it out and, therefore, interested in your business. A good rule of thumb is to ask two multiple-choice questions and one open-ended or short answer question. Following this rule, the potential customer will give you what you need.

What Platforms Support Lead Generation?

Facebook and Instagram provide the best opportunity to collect user information. It’s also easier because the ads sync to both ad platforms. Twitter also offers a social media lead generation tool, which also works well. Google is also in beta testing of its new lead generation platform. Be sure to research which lead generation platform is right for our business.

Lead Generation Success

Collecting a customer’s information via lead generation is a perfect option for many businesses on social media. In doing so, you can now make your social media real. As social media lead generation continues to evolve, the process will become more accessible and more effective.