Fence Company SEO Marketing Services

Fence SEO Marketing and Website Design for your Company. Increase lead generation substantially with our mobile-first SEO design strategy combined with Social Media marketing. Our online digital marketing agency has helped fence companies just like your grow.

Dialing up your fence company website traffic

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

When potential clients in your area is searching for fencing, we’ll make sure you’re high on their list of options. Our fencing company SEO strategy will help you rank higher on important keywords in your market, drive more website traffic, and increase sales.

See our Fencing Company Case Study to find out how this fence company is averaging 7 quality leads per week and tripling sales in jest a few months.

Your Fence Company on Social Media

To complete your fence company’s marketing, social media is a vital component. Unlike SEO which focuses on people specifically looking for fence companies, our social media component markets to those who are thinking about or talking about replacing their fence, but not specifically looking for a fence company. Booth of these tools artfully combined is a very powerful lead generation strategy.

Fece Company Socail Media Results

Comprehensive SEO & Social Media Marking

Is your fence company website or SEO strategy giving you the leverage you need to attract passive prospects and drive new sales? We help fence and trades companies just like yours significantly increase leads and sales with our proven SEO and Social Media strategy. Organic search engine results allow companies to be listed in Google directly in front of potential customers who are specifically looking to install or repair fences. Our comprehensive online marketing strategy for fencing includes search engine optimization (SEO) at the forefront. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get your business in front of more people, start with organic search engine results with Relevant Elephant.

Fence Company Marketing & SEO Basics

Marketing your Fence Installation Services follows the basic premise of all small-business marketing: Define your audience, craft your massage, deliver it to them where they focus, measure how they respond, and adjust accordingly. 

Define Your Audience

We start by researching the precise right audience for you campaign, taking into consider simple and advanced search attributes.

Drive Website Traffic

Anyone can drive traffic to your website, but we’ll focus on driving the right traffic of people who actually want to do business with you.

Analyze Conversion Metrics

Not all conversions are created equal. Focusing on what the most beneficial, and profitable conversions are for your business will measure success.

Bid Strategies

Pay Per Click, Impression Buying, ROAS, Lead Generation, etc. We can help determine the right bidding strategy for your business.

Landing Pages

The number one reason most Google AdWords campaigns don’t convert is because of poor landing pages. Luckily for you, we have an expert.

Data Forecasting

Google has a lot of useful tools, if you know where to look. We’ll build you a solid model so you can see a real-time preview of your campaign before it launches.

Marketing Fencing for over 10 years

Our digital marketing agency has been focusing on marketing trade services for over 10 years, and have helped small to medium sized business grow significantly. Our services include other marketing tools like Google Adwords and video production, but have found SEO and Social Media to be the most cost effective way of generating quality leads for businesses.

"Much more than we expected. Relevant Elephant has been the main reason our company has grown so much throughout the last 2 years."

– America’s Backyard Fencing

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