The Start Marketing Podcast

The marketing podcast that shares successful social media strategies for business owners and “non-marketing” people. We make it simple, using a 5 Step Digital Marketing System anyone can learn!


Pictures vs. Graphics – How to Effectively Use Them for Social Media Marketing Success (featuring Jillian Kernats)

Learn how to effectively use Pictures and Graphics, High-Quality and Low-Quality Images, and Text-Based images in your digital marketing campaigns. Joe and Jillian discuss the right and wrong way to use various forms of these and other visual media, to make a big impact on your business in the world of social media.

Are You Searching For Them or Are They Searching For You? (with Johnny Meier)

When it comes to digital marketing, sometimes consumers will seek out and find you, while other times you’ll seek out and find them. Johnny and Joe discuss how understanding these two approaches to digital marketing can be critical to running affect marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Work with a Professional Videographer (with Erik Enberg)

Need videos for your social media pages? Thinking of hiring a videographer? Joe talks with professional videographer Erik Enberg about the ins and outs of working with videographers – from amateurs to professionals. They break down how to plan, budget, and execute video marketing campaigns that will drive more revenue to your business!

Posts vs. Ads – Which To Use? (with Jillian Kernats)

Ever wonder what the difference is between posts and ads? Want to know how to use each to create successful social media marketing campaigns? Joe and Jillian dissect this topic, as well as discuss how these play into generating organic and paid traffic/engagement, and how they affect social media algorithms.


Joe Sanders

With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Joe is the Digital Marketing Director of Relevant Elephant, a digital marketing agency. Since then, Joe has advised and executed digital marketing strategies for hundreds of companies in various industries. Holding several degrees, including a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Joe is a sought after speaker and trainer, and is the author of the upcoming book “Stop Posting! Start Marketing.” Joe lives in Winfield, IL with his wife and son.