Check out answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How often will you be posting on my social media sites?

In most cases, it is appropriate for us to be posting 5-6 days a week on your various social media sites.

What happens when someone comments or asks a question on our social media? Will you respond?

Yes, we will always respond to questions and comments that require a response. In some cases, we will contact you for help with a question or matter that requires more attention.

If I have a question about what's going on, can I call you?
Of course, call us anytime about anything. We’re happy to help.
Can or Should someone from my company post on our social media as well?

Yes! We encourage all of our clients to participate in the process, but don’t worry we’ll handle the heavy lifting.

What happens when we want to stop using your service?

Just tell us, we’ll understand.

What other types of marketing can you help with?

Pretty much anything.

Do you build and update websites?

Yes sir!

Can you create and send out my email blasts for me?

We’d be happy too!

Can you make videos for my business?

Yes, we love making videos for our clients!

Why is your company called a silly name like Relevant Elephant?
We want you to be relevant on social media and be the elephant in the room everyone is paying attention too

Stop Posting.
Start Marketing.

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